Farm Machinery

Our segment on Farm Machinery focuses on an overview of available machinery, plus, then follows one particular crop, from planting to harvest.

The students get to see exactly what pieces of equipment are used to prepare the ground, plant seeds, fertilize, and then harvest and separate the crop from the stalk.

Real machinery from O'Neil's of Binbrook is used, and the staff of O'Neil's volunteer their time each year to show the kids, hands on, how everything works.

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Another important part of farm education, is safety.

Every year, more than 100 people are killed in Farm related injuries, of those 10% are children. Non-life threatening injuries, or permanent impairment numbers are even higher.

The War Amps "Play Safe" program is a leader in encouraging children to stay clear of such dangers, and we remind them of that safety while learning about our equipment.

The Canada Safety Council, also has an excellent reference site for safety, called:

Here is an excellent piece, from an Australian Hospital website:

Wikipedia - on Agricultural Machinery

View a video on Farm Machinery from a past Agricultural Education Day
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  Many thanks to O'Neil's Farm Equipment, for their years of support, both of the Binbrook Fair, and of the Agricultural Education Program.

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For more information on equipment, or full colour images of the various types of equipment, we would encourage you to visit any of the major North American manufacturer's websites:

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